85% Chance You Are Traveling Outof-body

Are you fascinated in ESP, spiritual or metaphysical insights, enlightenment, healing, connection with a higher level of wisdom, or only a new experience? Then you’re likely to get the contents of the brief article quite interesting.

The principles of & # 34; astral projection, & # 34; & # 34; soul travel & # 34; and & # 34; spirit walking & # 34; date way back to very ancient times. Anthropologists sense 95% of cultures worldwide believe in some kind of out-of-body experience, possibly making it a universal phenomenon.

Several studies estimate 14 % to 20 % of us have seen a conscious OBE at least once in our life, although such experiences as impossible are often dismissed by mainstream science according to the laws of physics. Some researchers believe lucid dreams are a form of OBE, and the others insist that we have an OBE nightly.

Many believe Edgar Casey entered into an out-of-body (OBE) state to get his healing insights. The well-known inventor Thomas Edison employed such a & # 34; head conscious – body sleeping & # 34; state of consciousness to work with his many inventions. Edison would place a silver dollar on his head and sit in a seat with a metal bucket in his lap. If he drifted into sleep, the coin would restore his watchfulness and fall into the bucket.

Albert Einstein would http://www.goodreads.com/list/show/15064.Best_Books_About_Grief” _ctf=”rdr_T enter into a state by sitting in a chair with his arms suspended over the side while keeping a small smooth rock in each hand. If he fell to sleep he’d drop the rocks, waking himself. Artist Salvador Dali was said to use a similar procedure to get the odd visions that inspired his paintings.

WHY would YOU need to get such an encounter? Really there is is a very high probability you have! Ever have the sensation of suddenly "falling" while sleeping? This may have been a re entry in the body following an involuntary OBE.

Out – of – body experiences, remote viewing, and astral projections enable you to monitor the world from a distinct perspective. Such experiences are usually very graphic, resemble everyday waking experiences more than dreams, and always make an unforgettable impression on the person who experiences them.

Numerous experiences are typically lumped together as "out-of-body experiences," including:

*Lucid dreams, where you appear to be aware while dreaming.
*Clairvoyance, involving a "mental-only" recognition of a distant object or place.
*Sensations of separation from your physical body, floating above it, and looking down upon your physical form or a landscape.
*Near death experiences.
* Projecting and traveling beyond your body to different places in time and space.
*Bilocation, or perhaps a feeling of your own actual physical body being in two locations at the same time.

Those that have had such experiences say they produce a profound sense of wonder and amazement, and changed their life eternally. Why? The experience gave them a direct experience about what historical mystics called the Akashic records, homepage and now’s scientists call the one consciousness in the heart of all reality

Doctor. Roe, a parapsychologist based in the University of Northampton, says it is entirely possible to project your head to a distant place and detect what is occurring there. & #34;Our results are essential," Roe says."Remote viewing is something that ought to not be dismissed lightly." His early findings imply that as much as 85 per cent of us possess clairvoyance – the power to "remote view." And he believes that with just a minimum of training, we could each sharpen our psychic abilities.

Professor Brian Josephson, a Nobel Prizewinning physicist from Cambridge University, agrees with Roe: & # 34; [His] experiments have been designed to eliminate chance and luck. I look at the evidence for remote-viewing to be pretty clear-cut."

Our human consciousness is awakening to a brand-new level of self-discovery. We are seeing ourselves as much more than simply our physical bodies, so when connected to the universe via a web of limitless consciousness.

A colleague of Einstein, the late David Bohm, had a feeling the universe and everything in it – including you and me – are part of a grand cosmic interconnected web – the same vision of reality held by the ancient wisdom traditions.

In regard to quantum physics, you’re an artist making your own ever-changing truth from out of the material of the universe. So then – Why would you NOT want to journey into this web of consciousness and boundless wisdom? and briefly put aside the limitations of your own physical being

As a doctor of psychology and pioneer brain/mind researcher, I get the benefits of these experiences are deeper than many people recognize. Like every deeply transformational metaphysical or deeply religious experience, you gain an entirely new comprehension of the essence of life – and a fresh set of beliefs and aims for your own life. You’ll probably even find your everyday worries and issues are less important.

Whether you’re interested in increased ESP or intuitive capabilities, religious or metaphysical insights, enlightenment, healing, contact with a greater reality or level of wisdom, or simply a brand new experience – both inbody remote-viewing and out-of-body experiences are strong personal development and growth resources that will move you forward.


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